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All Bilgi members are required to visit the Library and fill in the registration form in person, before using the library for the first time. Online registration is not available. As an exception, e-MBA students are registered automatically.

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What is PIN?
PIN is a unique code that only you know and is used to verify your identity when accessing to your library record. PIN can be any string of letters and numbers, up to 30 characters in length. It is stored in encrypted form in your record; thus nobody may decrypt or read it back. You can change it any time using "View Your Record" function. Please do not use your University ID number as PIN.

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Just leave it empty. You'll be asked to key in a new PIN in the next page. Choose yourself a PIN code and when asked, enter it twice.

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Click on the Forgot your PIN? link and follow the instructions. A reset link will be sent to your email address. Alternatively, you might apply to the circulation desk personally to ask library staff to delete the old PIN from your record, which enables you to issue a new PIN.

Please notice that there is no way to read your old PIN back since it is encrypted by the system.

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